About me

Welcome to my site! I am third year student at UChicago, majoring in physics. You can email me at jtlee [at] uchicago.edu.

Please see my CV for my past experience. My current research focus is HCI, specially building visualizations and interaction designs that help people understand abstract concepts. Besides, I am also actively doing projects related to media art and design.

Besides, I also enjoy building technical products. In the past, I co-founded Topos, a Chinese social media which is backed by Zhen Fund (1st Tier VC) in Beijing.

User Interface Design / Interaction Design

  • Behance and Dribbble contained some of my graphical design when I built my startup Topos. The app is published. To control the quality of online community, it is invite-only at this stage
  • At Topos, I primarily supervised UI/UX design and data analytics team. I also started the design prototype of our web application from scratch


Recent News

  • May, 2022: (Just for fun). I contributed the entire “History” section in Physicalization wikipedia article
  • April, 2022: Our paper “Political Polarization of Elites on Social Media: An Analysis of U.S. Congress Members on Twitter” was accepted to IC2S2 in the poster track as it is on-going research
  • April, 2022: Our exhibition is featured on UChicago CS news 😉!
  • April, 2022: My project, Physica, was featured in National Robotics Week hosted by Museum of Science + Industry Chicago
  • Summer, 2020: This is Topos’s office in Beijing (we were moving at that moment). I rented an apartment, serving both as an office and as a place where people can meet and hang out. In the picture, you can also see my co-founder Renyou Yu